Great News!!!!

The application is updated for 2015 dates so Download it now and get your spot reserved.

The 2015 Schedule look like this:

March 20-22            Cumberland State Park
May 15-17                 Cumberland State Park
July 31-Aug 2           Cumberland State Park
Oct 16-18                  Cumberland State Park


Mission Statement

To promote fine Arts and Crafts produced on the Cumberland plateau. To provide a meeting place where artists can come together and showcase their talents.

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  1. Cheryl Massa says:

    Hello i was wondering about your fall show if it was already filled up or if there is any room for another vendor.My husband makes Lamps, walking Sticks ,Tables out of Twisted Trees.Could you please give me some information about this. Thank You

    • crafter says:

      Hi Cheryl
      No it is not full, Just fill out the application which is on the site and send it in soon.

  2. mary blackburn says:

    I have already paid for the fall show but received the dates for all the new shows in 2015. I want to sign up for all of them to reserve my spot, but the application I can download is for this year. I’m hoping to attend the meeting on Thurs., Sept. 18th and figure that our 2015 dues will be paid at that time. Bill, let me know how to reserve my spot for next year’s shows. I am excited about having more at the State Park as I am going to sell my tent after the Labor Day show(if I can) and not do outdoor shows anymore.

  3. Dorothy Dale says:

    Please add me to your email list. So far I haven’t received any notices about meetings, etc. And I see that I just missed one. Will plan on seeing you at the state park mid-October.

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